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Why Choose a Metal Roof…

Harborage Building Co. specializes in metal roof installations. We install corrugated metal roofs anywhere in the DFW area. Metal roofing is a low maintenance solution for any business that is looking to lower utility costs while also enhancing the buildings aesthetic.

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What type of Industrial/Commercial Metal
Roofs Do We Offer?

For thousands of years, metal roofing has been found in architecture. It has been used for various reasons. For example, a metal roof does not get as hot as an asphalt roof since it reflects heat away from the structure. Metal roofing has a much higher wind tolerance than traditional shingled roofs despite it also being lightweight. These are just a few reasons why metal roofing has been around for so long.

Here are a few of the critical facts to know when considering corrugated metal roofing…

Metal Roofing is Built to Last

A standard roof covered with asphalt shingles is built to last approximately 20 years. Corrugated metal roofing is made to last three times as long. With expert installation and proper care, metal roofing will protect your business for years to come.

Metal Roofing is Strong and Durable

Extreme weather conditions are no match for a good, corrugated metal roof. A metal roof is resistant to the intense heat of the sun, ice and snow buildup, and, the inevitable, DFW hail storm. While lightweight, metal roofing will protect your structure from whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

Metal Roofing Will Save You Money

The weather in DFW ranges from 110’s down to the low teens. It is not uncommon to jump 20-30 degrees on the same day. Without proper protection on your roof, this will result in excessive use of your HVAC units. Corrugated metal roofing resists extreme temperature and helps regulate the interior temperature of a structure. Having a consistent temperature allows the HVAC units to be used more sparingly which results in lower utility bills.

It might be time to upgrade your roof. Let the professionals at Harborage Building Co. walk you through the metal roof installation process and the benefit that it will have on your business. Our team wants what’s best for you and your company, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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