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What We Are About

At Harborage Building Co. our priority is to build lasting relationships first, and to meet your construction and roofing needs second. We believe that creating lasting relationships built on honesty, integrity and hard work will result in successful project completions.  Our commitment to you is to be good stewards with time and resources to ensure you receive the best value.


After many years in the construction industry, Harborage Building Co. was founded by a guy that saw the need for a construction and roofing contractor who would be different.  This company is called to serve God first, then serve people.  There is no “Plan B.”  Their belief is that people are looking for a contractor that will be absolutely honest, upfront, and good stewards of the projects with which they are entrusted.  They have found that living these beliefs daily, and practicing them even when it’s difficult, has proven to build lasting relationships with some great people. They have also found that these principles produce return customers, many times over.


Tomorrow is the result of what we do today.  Serving others is not only for us at Harborage Building Co..  We provide opportunities for our customers to partner with us in serving those less fortunate.  A portion of every project is earmarked to reinvest in our community and to help continue to serve others.  By serving others today, we can impact tomorrow.  The most exciting and fulfilling part of our job is to see these partnerships with our customers become a reality.


We all live in a time where customer service is minimal.  It is no secret that many contractors exist today to serve themselves and only to make money; however, contractors that exist to serve, educate, and include their customers are rare and should be highly valued. How do we do it?  Harborage Building Co. has value in educating and advising their customers for the best products and value on their projects.  They do this by staying up to date with the latest requirements and codes, newest products, competitive pricing, and warranties.  Satisfaction is able to be guaranteed by setting reasonable expectations and communicating them clearly. Our hope at Harborage Building Co. is that through your own experience with us, we prove that we are that highly valued contractor.  Don’t take our word for it, let us know how we can serve you!


We personally oversee all production and personnel in many different residential and commercial projects. This includes re-roofs, roofing repairs, remodels, additions, tenant finish-outs, make-readies, and more. Our experience is diverse, and ranges from production installs to small home repairs. We take great care in scheduling each job and all trades involved with each project. During each project, weekly safety meetings are held to ensure that our crews are operating in accordance with OSHA and safe working procedures.

Harborage Building Co.
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